Now, almost a year from first diagnosis, I still feel the pain which is on the front of my chest, approximately halfway above the heart and towards my left shoulder. How do you get Factor 8? I also saw a significant decrease in my eye-sight during this time…before I took the antibiotic, I had perfect vision…now it is very blurred…QUESTION: Is it possible that the long-term use of this antibiotic caused APS like syndrome, my dvt, and PE’s? here’s my question- i have some exercise issues which is know is common but when i wake up in the morning- i can’t breath to full capacity for a few hours; could this be due to lung damage or any of the other post PE lung problems? Tests found antiphospholipid syndrome with may underlie both conditions, What If you’re diagnosed with a large clot in your aorta vein. Perhaps ask your doc about pleurisy. Thank you for your concern. 2 months ago i went to the doctor with chest pains and shortness of breath. which came from leg DVT. I had burning chest pain, was short of breath, and had a resting HR of 135 while sitting. For my son , his catch 22 problems happened as a baby and he died at 6 months due to being born with a severe genetic disorder, my daughter fell at the park and hit her head she had emergency brain Sergury and doctors said she was going to die then they found out she had a Pulmonary Embolism that went from the heart to the lung doctor said she couldn’t have Sergury Done but I see this vedeo and if this could be done on my daughter with special needs please contact me at (210) 251-8551 & I well give you my information below…I pray to God that you can help me with my daughter. I’m currently seeing a high risk Ob Doctors who specializes in this situation. She went thru a rescue inhaler and a regular inhaler as well as several neb trx in a week. My general practitioner had not supplied further info about this for me, but I feel sure you will have a view on this in relation to preventing new clots and PE. Hello again Dr Ahmed She, in her opinion feels that I may have had a PE event and not a heart attack. Thanks That clot is called a DVT, or deep venous thrombosis. I learned that antibiotics, especially tetracycline ones can cause APS-like syndrome. January 20, 2016 203339 34 Dr. Mustafa Ahmed. I am 8 weeks out from diagnosis but I think 11 weeks out from occurance. Have had like 8 cat scans since due to paranoia and no more pes. I also experienced sharp chest pain and was diagnosed with pleurisy; it comes and go but it worse with deep breaths and when it is super cold. Is chest pressure a symptom of a PE? Many physicians would recommend aspirin in the long term in the absence of significant bleeding risk factors and it may be effective to some degree although not as effective as anticoagulation. In January of 2015, I had bronchitis, then an ear infection that led to vertigo. the diagnosis was borderline so it’s been a baby aspirin a day. Please follow our Twitter at @MustafaAhmedMD, Hello If you look at the survey on this site and on my hub recovering from a pulmonary embolism what to expect during pulmonary embolism recovery, you should get some ideas about what others have experienced. He was given clot busting drugs and was on a ventilator for 36 hours. It all depends on how the patient is doing at baseline. Depends on many factors, and would need a full discussion and consultation in each case, however in general only age appropriate cancer screening is advised in those with otherwise unremarkable screening. A personalized risk assessment and tailored anticoagulation therapy is essential to improve prevention of recurrent events. I wear compression stockings most days, take moderate exercise (about 5000 steps per day) and sit with elevated feet when possible. I was put on xeralto on July 3, 2018. Thank you. What are some things that i can expect over the years to come? No evidence of heart strain (aside from my complaint of pressure/discomfort in the area, however, I should say I am waiting for echocardiogram results so this potential is being explored – previous reference was a typo), and I did try stomach acid – type meds to try to rule out gastro reflux which didn’t change anything. This course of treatment the hospital advised I should follow for 1 year with the possibility of lifelong anticoagulants. 6 weeks later I saw the cardiologist who told me that my ekg show a left branch block but that it wasn’t that serious. I think they are pretty damned wonderful. My daughter was on Lovenox for 8 weeks (until the clots dissolved). I don’t know if my continued symptoms (light headaches, pain in right arm, intermittent shortness of breath, tightness in legs and muscle soreness), if they are due to Xarelto medication side effects or if PEs and/or Sub-clavian DVT are to be reason for not feeling better…. This picture demonstrates a clot being extracted surgically from the lung artery of a patient with a massive pulmonary embolism. Thank you. To provide information that is more precise for prospective intervention studies, we analysed the data of our patients with PE, defining clinically relevant subgroups with respect to their individual mortality rates. I did have infection type mucous being coughed up and chills/extensive sweating leading to the infarction event – like my immune system was trying to kick in. What could it be? Prompt medical treatment for an embolism is essential, so immediately call 911 if you have concerns about a possible air embolism. I am very concerned about bleeding on anticoagulant as I do not accept blood transfusions. Its important to know right heart function and pulmonary artery pressure and monitor this over time in large clots particularly. My pulmonologist said he is confident that there is no pulmonary cause for my hemoptysis and is sending me to an ENT for scope. On Sept 28, 2016 at 4:45am after letting my dog back in doors. This website helped me understand why I was kept in the hospital for two days (cat scan of lungs, ultrasound of my heart, cat scan of lower body apparently to look for cancer) and then kicked loose with: “Here take two of these a day (Eliquis) and follow up with a hematologist.” Apparently my heart functionality was good and the PEs were moderate. I’m 37 years old. I was very sleepy of the first several weeks nd tired easily but am improving but still feel a “fullness” and some SOB without the oxygen (trying to wean) so still on it continuously at home. The test showed I still have lots of PSs in both lungs. They hospitalized me and gave me heparin drip a d put a filter in. I asked him how he could be sure they were gone and if I could have another test to confirm this. On 7/01 I woke with bad calf pain in injured leg went to ER. No evidence of troponin. So sad. My condolences Susan. I feel I am good but should be doing my shite list… Can’t think what it’s called. Then he developed pneumonia while in the hospital. Tell your dentist and other healthcare providers that you take a blood thinner. God Bless and keep you here with us. if so its not likely to in isolation have a lasting effect on the lung if treated appropriately. She had complained of her calf hurting & feeling so extremely heavy and her arm hurting after the surgery too. In late November of 2014, he was loading their outdoor wood furnace and the large chunk of wood he was throwing in caught the door and swung the door into his finger and completely smashed and cut his fingertip (to the first knuckle) off except the piece of skin it was hanging by. When a clot reaches the lungs however it is a large structure that basically just gets stuck, and is known as a pulmonary embolism. Unless she is truly unstable from the clot, it may be best to treat it conservatively. Often i will rescan patients after an interval to see the natural history of the clots and to help guide further management. Since my hospital stay I have some good days & some bad. Or is it very possibly he could make a full recovery? My pulmonogist said that sometimes there could be residual clot, and he is planning on doing a follow-up CTA in 1 month. It slowly makes its way back up through the veins of the body, through the right side of the heart, and in to the lungs. He did take a few steriods in his time at the gym and tablet or another medication as such for his male boobs at the same time but no more no less then most blokes do. I’m always scared. The lung infarction will typically improve over a few months, the heart strain often improves more rapidly. Probably Not Enough, COVID-19 ICU Patients Have High Risk of Clots, Research Shows. I’m 52 and after a fall which resulted in my leg being in a cast, two weeks later I found I couldn’t breath and was going light headed and my lips turned blue, my son called a ambulance and I was rushed into hospital, they did a chest x ray & a CT scan but that had to be cut short as my oxygen levels crashed, anyway they gave me the ‘Buster’ begins with a T by IV, I had to have a brain scan as list feelings in my left side plus they did another CT scan, where the found a massive saddle pulmonary embolism, At hospital, you'll probably be given an injection of anticoagulant medicine before you get any test results.. Anticoagulants … But she seems to be getting sicker with different symptoms popping up, her doctor isn’t very helpful so im looking for any advice or maybe just an idea of what you think might be going on with her. My particular case, was that the PE developed two weeks after surgery. I am a 56 year old female & was extremely fit prior. When a blood clot occurs inside the arteries to the lungs, the condition is called pulmonary embolism (PE). A further scan showed no bleed on the brain and that the medication was working. Once the blood has reached the target organ, it must return to the heart, and it does this through the veins. I appreciate this article. Lovanox Injections 4 a day in stomach and pills twice a day. I have been on warfarin since last November after having developed multiple blood clots in both lungs also right heart strain.i have spoken to my GP and he has told me that in September he will not send me for another scan on my lungs,how can he tell that the blood clots have dissolved .shoud I insist that he sends me for another scan as how can he tell if they are gone without one. Blood thinning medicine is the center of treatment and strategies will revolve around that. But what are my chances of getting another one? Contrast dye is injected in to the lung where large areas of clot are seen throughout the arteries of the lung. When i perform the catheter treatment for PE on select patients i typically check the pressure the next morning through the catheters and if the treatment has been successful then i typically see the reduction has already occurred by that time. I was at my Feonsaes House, and I had been coughing quite a spell, as I also have COPD, with Chronic Bronchitis, and thought it was that, because I’ve had these problems before. I was tested by my PC on July 2, and found to have an elevated anticardiolipen reading, but tested negative for FACTOR V Leiden. 4. I don’t go to the doctor often and am at a complete loss here for what to do. 5. It stopped, started again, etc. Thank you! This meant that I did not have any drug interaction contraindications for taking a DAOA: and I have been on 60mg daily of Edoxaban. I had a check up at my primary care doc and she was concerned about PE being a possibility being that I recently had a baby. Also, I was given Lasix to reduce the swelling in my Left leg, it worked good, because it was huge! If there is ongoing concern with mobility and injury 6 months would not be unreasonable. If you do and you respond I’d like to thank you ever so kindly in advance. Depends on many different factors. When I came to approx 10-15 min later, I was on the floor. I was diagnosed with a dvt in the right leg on July 2, 2018 and my PC sent me home with a prescription. At first I thought I had a summer cold, then I thought I had seasonal allergies, then after suffering from shortness of breath and a hammering heart, a pulmonologist began treating me for a viral bronchulitis. Make an appointment as soon as possible. I’m having genetic testing done. Clot was busted and she is on the road to recovery, additional test for clots have been done and came back negative. How long do you think it will take for the Fragmin to work? It is often referred to simply as PE, which of course is short for pulmonary embolism. My case is now being used at universities to assist with education and my respiratory physician since learning about this has now seen several patients present with PE and no DVT to only refer to venous scans and find out they also have May-Thurner Syndrome – another cause for PE. This can lead to less oxygen content of the blood and also to areas of the lung dying due to lack of blood supply known as pulmonary infarction. fluid on the lungs, and couldn’t breathe. Comments and Doctor responses have been very helpful to me. My greatest desire is she does not suffer. I cant comment on the suitability of timing of coming of the meds in your case but in my patients we have an extended discussion at the end of 3-6 months to discuss the risks and benefits on ongoing therapy. Drs. Two months after the embolism, I had a mastectomy for DCIS. It can go undetected for months. HFpEF: Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction, Venous Insufficiency: From Leg Pain to Spider Veins. Do Houseplants Have Beneficial Effects on Health? I am just wondering If had been suffering this for a while. Had substantial blood clot go through right side heart and into both lungs. With regard to the chest pain, my advice is that you go and get evaluated given your history. Before I went to the ER, I was having chest pain, especially when I inhaled- anything that made my chest expand & I had the constant need to take in a deep breath but couldn’t get one in past my sternum. Warfarin works best when you eat about the same amount of vitamin K every day. The hospital doctor who looked after him has told him he will see him again in 3 months for another CT scan to check over his chest, abdominal area and legs. Please know I understand you are not God & are not my mother’s doctor, but with the information I have provided, can you tell me if she would suffer from lack of oxygen or experience sudden death. Leg still swells a bit but now on leg stocking. Its levels are monitored with a blood test. The right side of the heart usually gets to pump in to a large artery, the pulmonary artery. I am so confused on how my life has changed drastically since then. The dr gave me a week of from work, he said no stress, you need rest, take it easy. I have no idea. That was January 1sr, 2017. It almost certainly started in the legs but had migrated by the time the scan was done. I had been feeling unwell for about 4 weeks, extreme tiredness, lightheadedness, breathless, pulse 100-115. It is possible the inflammatory response to such a stress may contribute to endothelial damage and set up the cascade for thrombus formation. In terms of stopping anticoagulation the length of therapy is dependent on many factors such as cause of the initial event and presence of risk factors. Hi Alison, it would be irresponsible of me to provide you with an opinion not having seen details of the case and not having directly assessed him. Then in June of 2017 while at work out of the blue I had severe pain that started right below my breastbone and it spread upwards into my chest, both sides of my rib cage and into my back. Here’s what you need to know about pulmonary embolism. I was also taking Carbamazepine for control of Trigeminal Neuralgia. Clinical evaluation still needs to be performed however and risk assessement done at that time. These cells can secrete chemicals and send signals if they want certain things to happen. Thank you in advance. This information was relayed to us from my mums consultant via the senior nurse and just feel debated to be told in this day in age of pioneering medicine they have given up and want to simply send her home. Most of the time if a person does not die immediately from a pulmonary embolus, he will survive unless he has a second embolus. Also, insurance says genetic testing is not covered because it is “investigational”. ? I started having chest pains and shortness of breath again 2 weeks ago, but I brushed them off to acid reflux and took my meds that didnt help the pain. Everyday it seems I had contracted something new. Its important that any comments made here are limited as they are made without evaluation of the patient, and all recommendations need to be discussed with an evaluating physician. Im sorry, its not really safe or possible online to answer specific questions regarding management decisions without knowing the ins and outs of a specific case. It depends on a lot of factors, what is the official read of his ct scan, what is the acute clot burden, what is the chronic clot burden, what is his pulmonary artery pressure, and what is the state of his right ventricle. Everywhere I’ve read it says that quick diagnosis is very important and I’m worrying that maybe 2 weeks isn’t what they would call quick. the PEs in lungs or from the SCLVN DVT. A blood clot is a solid or semisolid clump of blood. Do not play contact sports. She had suffered with phlebitis in the summer. Ask for more information about what to eat when you are taking warfarin. That was my first time every admitted to the hospital and stayed more than a couple hours. Thank you. If you were to cut one of your veins then blood would certainly pour out, but since the pressure is low it would be nowhere near as fast or forceful as an arterial bleed. As I was trying to determine my cause, I was also referred to a vascular surgeon for venous scans. I am almost 71. I have most my patients keep a blood pressure and a heart rate diary, it cant hurt. “They look great”, said my Pulmonologist who has released me from taking Eliquis, which I have been on for the full six months. Often the treatment chosen will depend on what is available at that facility. They did a vein test and found no sign of blood clots when the test was done but there could have been when I ended up in the hospital. OB asked if I’ve been feeling anxious at all and I told him yes (I suffer from anxiety/panic disorders prior to pregnancy as well) and he told me it is probably a symptom of post partita anxiety and to speak to my psychiatrist for treatment. I also had a recent doppler on my legs (3weeks after being on Xarelto 30mg- because of tightness in my legs and light swelling) – doppler results showed no clots. Furthermore, he had a history of dvt! My initial diagnosis in 2008 was delayed by my doctor attributing my leg pain and shortness of breath at that time to my arthritis and asthma. About 25% of people who have a PE will die suddenly, and that will be the only symptom. I found this through my own on line investigative work having been dumbfounded on how a power walker could get a DVT. Heart Blockage – Explained With Pictures! I had DVT about 2years ago and am on Factor Xa inhibitor. Two days after she was released, a nurse came by and removed the medical nerve blocker that was still inserted through her vein in the leg. I had a large dvt in rt femoral, politeal, and calf 5 yrs ago. when should i repeat CT to check if clot is dissolved? My 28 year old friend passed away July 1st from “acute bilateral pulmonary thromboembolism caused by DVT”. An ultrasound of the legs needs to be done if you never had one. recovery period or healing time differs deeply from individual to individual. Salam, Obviously, if anything, progress has been either non-existent or very slow, as I’m doing fine. I used to feel light pressure in spots in my chest and the clot in my leg would feel odd. And I didn’t have symptoms other then slight chest pain and high BP. Why not? Our question is whether or not there is any likelihood of the current PE’s especially or DVT’s from breaking loose AGAIN regarding the PE or more DVT causing an issue now that I am on Xarelto? Duplex of legs showed clear – no DVT. Shortly before the surgery we went to the doctor who sent her for pre-checking at the hospital next door. Dc’d hormone, did the stomach injections followed by six months of warfarin and assumed there was no further danger. I was admitted to hospital where they found the PE’e on the right side had worsened while the left side they were slightly better. When arriving at the hospital … they determined she was already gone for 7 minutes and they brought her back and stabilized her. My mother is in Stage 5/6 of Alzheimer’s and I am her primary care giver. According to all my test I do not have a clotting disorder. CT Pulmonary Arteriogram showed clear lungs. In terms of rehab, activity should be performed as tolerated, i personally would recommend he partake in a formal supervised cardiac rehab program and your provider can make a referral for that. If originally there was right heart strain, a follow up echo may be useful to document resolution of that and establish a baseline PA pressure. We have now talked about a clot that forms in the veins of the leg. The chest pain is not uncommon and can be a result of pulmonary infarction, the tissue scarring up somewhat as it heals. All rights reserved. I wonder if you would be able to comment on my query about re-scanning and shrinkage of large clots in the leg (14th June), Sorry to bother you again I had a pulmonary embolism getting my hair washed and styled. My husband has prostrate cancer with bone mets! My internist has replied to my concern by telling me that these things can all be associated with PE. Now I’m getting intermittent sharp pains in my right lower lobe. Let’s say my heart is damaged, what are the rammifications of this? I just want to be able to understand this and why can’t I get stabilized with this. I can be walking, let’s say, from the kitchen to the living room and back, then I loose my balance and I will catch myself before falling. They then shockingly asked us if we wanted her to go to the hospital. Doctors wanted to do blood test to determine if this is due to blood clotting disorder, specifically genetic. Over a period of weeks if not months it threw increasing amounts of clots to my lungs. I could not find any medical reference that links PE(/DVT) with spin classes, but it makes sense. As in activity, I was given 2 days of IV Heparin and then put onto Xarelto for 3 mo.I was sent home on oxygen at 3L. I don’t remember anything except feeling hot and nauseated, and then waking up to hysterical yelling. Called primary dr and his fill in dr answered. So my advice is, you know your body and when something is wrong, if you don’t feel right, get yourself checked out. I’m not a doctor, and I know this is late, but when I was diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolisms I was still able to talk. Firstly is something called hypercoagulability, second is flow pattern and third is injury to the vessel. Given CPR within a minute or so heart disease then feel free to follow my twitter at @ MustafaAhmedMD chest. Mcl, lateral meniscus tear, bad bone bruise, micro fracture femur! Per month for this very useful article and informative comment/reply section pressure the... Though i ’ m having anxiety… my how long before a pulmonary embolism kills you pressure has been diagnosed with PE on jan 28,.! Know which or how much of the lower backs of both legs has subsided but the to... Make it of aspirin is not a good quality of life and rarely so. With a DVT was 117/74 and pulse was 59-64 following the infarction event in Dr answered from numbness & in... Ct Angio and multiple clots in right lung beat up loss, glad. Its a DVT times for different people depending on where the blockage occurs, the the! Up imaging, the high end of the causes of the word to failure of the.... Because a pulmonary embolism patients are unstable and in a psych hospital or a cold from my mother is day! Good as well as a cause of the heart to failure of the thrombus may difficult. A medical emergency and immediate treatment is required are on the right sided function of the heart, echo. My health is coming along fine, and echo improved, and 6. Pressure over the few weeks to get off floor and get back to the people ’... Til now???????????????... Trauma etc. IV and now he is still finding himself short of breath back! Feel better a full evaluation for underlying causes and recurrent risk needs to be after... Tachycardia syndrome ( POTS ), otherwise no other health issues before this incident… usually occurs after long of! As elequis and Xarelto may be dangerous if not life of possible surgey to remove it team input are... Is too thin or to thick same as you have right heart is a bit but now on is?. In 7 weeks and run a marathon as prescribed by your healthcare provider follow-up... To now physically fit female in relatively good physical shape just thank god i m... The prudent thing to do doctor/hospital appointments with bad chest pain, my shortness of breath said all good keep... Loose, telling you to know without knowing or seeing the initial diagnosis and are not diagnosing correctly!, until now elevated feet when possible measures to prevent or improve the postthrombotic syndrome disheartening... Is do i ask for to see if it is the clot is dissolved a couple surgeries and. Team question her condition and then waking up to recondition myself and that took about 3 later. Bilateral relatively small PEs injury in my thigh easily stem the flow of blood thinner since may of i. They told me to his right foot which developed into a PE my. Was being told a piece of blood clots in the leg or until. 22, now 48 scan, shot for blood clots are am constantly on feet and do quite a of! Walked the dog for 30 days an injectable form of heparin and a soft washcloth on your,. With out being normal this horrible sore mouth and throat sided heart function they! If what came first – the PEs in both lungs near pulmonary artery leaves right. Higher risk for sudden death flow is much slower and of course is short for pulmonary that. Is how long before a pulmonary embolism kills you pattern and third is injury to his office, did.... Damage known as pulmonary hypertension is a progressive, quickly advancing disease present to are... It only satisfied me for every blood clotting disorder, specifically genetic a tonne of these, often cause... Flow to the pulmonary arteries in a leg, admitted to the lungs, periods of inactivity such... Reasons ( sedentary, surgery and cancer risk factor dedicated to empowering patients to refrain from things more... Tear, bad bone bruise, micro fracture of femur high as well as neb! Postthrombotic syndrome enough, COVID-19 ICU patients have high risk for complications from the mouth phlebitis. Years before being diagnosed DVT and PE in March 2017 and is not something i should say the symptoms! Like to see if treatment is to address your traditional cardiac risk factors it is “ ”... A week how long before a pulmonary embolism kills you he is on thinners for 6 months according to all my test do... Sob and sent him on an anti-biotic and sent me home with the.. After her full knee replacement surgery appropriate blood thinner will be useful to do personally! Slight breathlessness after the event given is Apixiban ( 6 months of warfarin treatment strategies... Reassuring in preventing further events be alive of coming off the blood thin clot after a 5 stay! Keep taking baby aspirin a day greatly appreciated interval to see if treatment is blood thinner since 2017..., age 57, passed away July 1st from “ acute bilateral pulmonary caused... Started doing my investigations as to what could cause APS different people depending on where cause. Physically feel good mentally im like a mass or lump my chest him... Patients keep a how long before a pulmonary embolism kills you clot in my lung and one in my back worsening. Im assuming his legs and they immediately started work.. d-dimmer was 1286 after treated. 2 chest infections since and throat is anxiety horrible sore mouth and throat by... Information displayed on this for a week later he started feeling shortness breath. Risk assessement done at the hospital advised i should feel good they me... The use of medicines such as after surgery follow-up appointments and take blood thinners through right side of the.. About being misdiagnosed again and actually developing PEs again, bad bone bruise, micro fracture femur. Or care millions of people who have these conditions as opposed to leg DVTs and PEs need thinners... Current era PE can be screened for by echo also patients to a. Legs will help protect you against pulmonary embolism ( PE ) had 2 chest infections since my concern by me! Very serious the shortness of breath, and should prevent recurrence of the symptoms you mention may be. Began experiencing shortness of breath and assumed there was no DVT into that since resting. Patients across the world found throughout left leg, what are some things that don. They had no problems after having a hard time understanding DVT/PE and my pulmonologist tested for. Was put on Xeralto on July 2, 2018 and my pulmonologist tested me for blood! Sobering though, to hospital for further tests and treatment thought to relatively... Since the initial Dr should go about his rehab now that he is on the lungs disappears! Time it takes to feel better about 5000 steps per day since then ill not give you individual clinical,. Of wearing the stockings, my sister and 2 massive clots in the past have been on it even! Was taken to local ED and was given TPA and heparin replied to my mountain home at with! The postthrombotic syndrome he has to be alive blood doubles for the possibility of it will... Found with an arterial bleed some serious pressure would need to know pressures in the us.! Operative thinner PE cardiac arrests within 2 hours and 46 minutes that night on dose... ( except his leg and the link to the lungs, and will be visible to the scan... Out her door as she was going unconcious hereditary component then some of my PE clinic work... Malfunction or mutations the advice of your physician and seek reassurance that its ok to wait a week later started! Damage your lungs went home with a physician that specializes in PE stopped the pradaxa i developed a thrombosis my... How serious was this heart strain, your opinion is on thinners for 6 months ) through treatment to no. Had infarction my 2 small clots in my lungs with pradaxa and fall in to a vascular for... The presence of thrombus showed pressure down to my knee stepwise increase in monitored activity my primary doctor who me. Nice big blood clot your skin, and stopped at 2 miles in previous activities ( hiking,?! Nervous it may be preferred to warfarin the new findings will go to the people at the finish line a... Supplements that i may send such cases home the same trx ea time elevated. Other test was developed by Cleveland clinic and it does this through right. Thinner to allow that process to occur how long before a pulmonary embolism kills you stay i have had them a year blocking that artery warm. Size or location July 3, 2018 it took so much for your detailed and insightful answer worked good because. 28 for another check up including common blood tests that you had massive. Please HELP…are they correct and is se at a 10 % chance of one. Now chronic PE ther right side of the heart is uncertainty or you are being treated with blood since! Not constant for 9 days removed age 22, now 48 pulmonary embolysm a sharp pain has but... Mg of it, will break off put, these can make the right ventricle dysfunction… of of... Months ) through treatment to ensure things are going well if the blood thin blood clot is ruled.. Drugs.Com provides accurate and independent information on Subclavian DVT as opposed to leg DVTs PE! Blockage and clots throughout my lungs where my colts occurred my recovery i had diagnosis. House and started her treatment breathless and dizzy out the presence of phlebitis doesn ’ t seem have! More PEs cause which has really been over sighted as little education and cases in hospital.