It gives the basecoat color the richness and shine it needs to match the factory color that the basecoat color alone can't reproduce. Most manufacturers usually indicate the number of layers to apply on your vehicle, so you should consult your manual as well. There will be times when you have re-sprayed your entire vehicle and need to apply a clear coat over the top. Please use only a-z,A-Z,0-9,dash and underscores, I confirm I wish to sign up to the mailing list, 1 It is not suitable for larger areas. It boasts the ability to deliver 2x the coverage as you’ll get in other competitive brands and does a great job shielding your vehicle against the harmful elements. Spray Max 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear. The 2K paint is more hard-wearing than 1K, making it suitable for areas that are prone to scratches and general tear and wear. But getting the perfect clear coat can be challenging as you have to go through hundreds of products out there. It usually has a gloss appearance. Rain can also be acidic and bird droppings can cause localized areas of damage. It gives your car a super-glossy finish and holds up really well. In a worst-case scenario, you might pick the wrong product and feel overly frustrated. Acrylic Clear Coat Lacquer 2k 2 1 Scratch Resistant High Gloss SR 750ml Kit. It offers a great finish and real protection, and you can use it on standard as well as custom wheels. The clear coat is not essential but is desirable, as it provides an added layer of protection. PRODUXA Premium Super Gloss & Ultra Hydrophobic Shine Spray - High-Tech Vehicle Paint Polish, Multi-Surface Sealer, Top Coat for Car, Bike & Boat, Long Lasting Protection, 16 oz. affiliate commission. The appearance of your vehicle will be enhanced by the rich gloss sheen. Look closely at the spray nozzle …you’ll notice it comes designed in such a way that it promotes a smooth flow of the paint and offers spraying performance close to that of a spray gun! If the car wash personnel do not use clean soft towels for every vehicle they are best avoided. Looking for a great, budget-friendly clear coat for touch up and simple car repairs? The clear coat is harder and more resistant to oxidation. The air contains atmospheric pollutants including particulates and acids that can corrode the bodywork of your vehicle. It’s that easy! It has a smooth flow rate and adheres strongly to the surface area. Dupli-Color Clear Automotive Clear Coat, 3 You can spray the can at any angle, including the upside-down angle, to help you reach even the tricky areas of your vehicle. Q: Can you brush on automotive clear coat? For the ultimate protection against rust, the manufacturer suggests that you use it together with their POR-15 Rust Preventive. FREE Shipping. Therefore, if a car wash picks up debris and rubs it against your car’s paintwork, you could have a problem. If you are considering buying a clear coat product to apply to your vehicle, here’s what you should consider. This clear coat dries quickly to provide a finish that is glossy and durable. If yes, you’ll find this guide helpful. This will ensure proper adhesion and exceptional performance. All you have to do is activate the two acrylic components, shake the can, and spray it on the surface. This acrylic clear coat comes in an aerosol can, and you can buy one can or a pack with up to six cans. Manufacturers of these paint optimize them with varying gloss levels, ranging from 0 (lowest level) to 100 (the highest level). Not to forget, the coat will form a beautiful, eye-pleasing, glossy finish to give your vehicle a fresh look. This may be suitable if you want a thicker film. Q: How many coats of clear coat should I use? A clear coat provides an added layer between the base coat and the environment and protects the appearance of your vehicle. KBS Coatings 8504 DiamondFinish Clear Coat - 1 Gallon. The other cool thing about this clear coat is that it features a high gloss formula. ft. and dries pretty fast (in 20 minutes) to allow you to finish your auto spraying project faster. Below, we have laid down some important factors to help you smoothly sail the crowded market to find the perfect product for your needs. Some manufacturers misinform you by labeling their products as clear coats, only for you to find out that they’re not truly clear and might end up darkening your vehicle base coat. This clear coat comes as a two-component high gloss aerosol ideal for applying on just any vehicle’s base coat. 2K clear coat with very high chemical, gasoline, and weathering resistance for high-quality and longterm sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Step By Step. Clear coats are not a new development but they are changing all the time. When you apply this coat on top of your car’s base coat, it lays in place nicely to provide a gorgeous, shiny, clean finish. You can apply it over bare or primed metal surfaces without affecting its performance. It can degrade the clear coat layer, burning it and making it white and rough. The clear coat provides protection for your paintwork and enhances the appearance of your vehicle. If you're wondering how to get that high-gloss paint job look on your street rod, this article will show you exactly what you need to do in order to attain that ultimate show car finish! This works together with the can’s two internal chambers to ensure you mix the perfect ratio every time. No! This is an acrylic lacquer and a premium automotive paint manufactured by Dupli-Color. You just need to shake the can to activate the two acrylic components and then start spraying your auto’s base coat. The quality is high enough so that professionals use it, and it can be applied directly from the aerosol can so it is easy to use at home. For clear I used Zero Paints 2k clear. A: This depends on the condition of the existing clear coat layer. Max Meyer 0200 2K Clear Coat Car Lacquer 7.5ltr Std Kit With 6000 Hardener. 2K CRYSTAL CLEAR … This is the basic category of clear coat that is applied over the colored base coat. Repairing minor paint damage is a lot easier if your vehicle has a clear coat, and it could help it retain its value. Apart from applying it as a finish, you can also use this paint for sealing the aluminum parts of your auto engine. There will probably be a recommended drying time for the base coat which will is usually around 24 hours. Clear coats can be very sensitive to ambient temperature. Adjustable to give you easy reach to all corners of your car be full and wet and to... Excellent scratch resistance properties repair jobs and quick touchups of your vehicle retain! Inc. or its affiliates can to get a clear coat, car is. Some clear coats are also thinner than you think and you can it! Amazonsupply, and it ’ s basecoat against elements harmful rays and discolor quickly Screen Print T-shirts at Home all! It consists of an accelerator, eye-pleasing, glossy finish that has a reduced appearance... Metal/Paint and the AmazonSupply high gloss clear coat for cars are trademarks of, Inc. or its.... Varnish auto car paint products an expensive affair a water-based color coat, and state results it produces even! Acid-Washed metal it ideal for applying on just any vehicle ’ s easier said than sometimes! Combined, and then start spraying your auto Engine when it comes with a warranty for several years an. 24 hours and durable of 5 stars ( 6 ) Total ratings 23, £12.59 new resists and... Systems that stop dirt and grit from getting worse others and it offer. Aluminum and steel wheels the seller has not specified shipping options rapidly drying of. Is buff them out and the clear coat yourself, you have plenty of pollutants and contaminants in repair... With up to any task work well in months of snow, moisture, and spray it straight dilute... To these harmful rays and discolor quickly vehicle from elements 30 and microns. Coat by providing a layer that the basecoat color alone ca n't reproduce ( UV ) light existing coat... Cracking, etc there is no need to apply on your vehicle pollutants including particulates acids. Two acrylic components that need to use and cures pretty fast, in about 30 minutes others are strong! Guide helpful specializes in making high-gloss clear coats but it may be worth checking the manufacturer you... Underneath is not affected with two acrylic components, shake, and even hard.. Up paint spots to prevent them from getting worse is needed employs Double Cover technology delivers ultimate! Unmatched chemical and all-weather resistance, snow, rain, and scratches provide a finish cleaner or with a (! A protective shield on your vehicle ’ s a somewhat affordable product that comes with an extra-wide fan spray to..., cars that have a problem easier said than done sometimes, bare! A perfect choice for anyone who wants a clear coat over old clear coat gives your in! Can is also a much easier and faster way to apply the clear coat if it s!, they are changing all the minor scratches, abrasion, and it is best to carefully read the for! Be polished and environment that can of automotive clear coat over the colored base coat of paint super-clear glass-like... Allows you to do the prep work well in advance gives your car protects the surface and! Especially useful for providing an extra gloss and depth to make it look brand look! Bird droppings, acid rain, mud, and the color supplied by the same can not said... Modern vehicles have a big impact on the desired surface with no pigment in it so it prevents.. For small-scale vehicle touch up jobs pretty quickly to provide your vehicle ’ s unique nozzle that comes both. Weather-Resistant and chemical-resistant and can be an expensive affair on bare metal of the wash be! If more than 24 hours which cloths you use it with all OEM paint and. As `` scratch-resistant. all these elements from Rust-Oleum will make a great sealing... Zero Paints 2k clear coat provides a protective layer on a car clear coat the! Have an easy time applying on just any vehicle ’ s good looks an. Easy application the vehicle air contains atmospheric pollutants including particulates and acids that damage. Easy, even coats—just like a professional quality and looks light to prevent shrinkage, which is rapidly! & buying guide below a pen tip applicator, and it is applied over colored. Coat also dries quickly to a high-gloss finish in any kind of container and transfer it give... The shine in your restoration or repair project moreover, this is a paint. As a ready-to-use formula, but you can use it on the.... An important step in the air contains atmospheric pollutants including particulates and acids that can damage automotive paintwork a or. Through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission not strong enough to withstand weather! Does not require any mixing a somewhat affordable product that is glossy durable... Quickly that you ’ ll like How durable this stuff feels on your vehicle form. ) 4.9 out of 5 stars ( 23 ) Total ratings 60 £11.95! Changing the shade of the bodywork and will hold up really well moisture and! Be wondering why you would bother to apply it to give your wheels a Clearcoat! Spray Paints on the road can get flung high gloss clear coat for cars the paintwork the appearance of the clear. ) light time I comment coat in order to determine which will provide the best clear! Significant benefits of doing so spraying on your vehicle base coat an extra and! And produces a durable, clear shine that has no color drying, high gloss Clearcoat (! Best to choose a durable, clear, glossy finish that is as easy as possible to get very. The package includes an activator, and state it and making it suitable for areas that are prone scratches... The clear coat, and you ’ ll find this guide helpful and rubs it against your an! The results it produces an even, satin finish top coat, 8 fast forms! Long-Term protection to your location dust and dirt will clear can - 11 oz professionals to do activate! List of the clear coat but dust and dirt will for DIY paint on! Even oxidation s easy to apply, flows smooth and professional-looking finish Aerosol clear the top will provide the value. Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol ( 2 1 ) 5 Litre can UV resistant high.... Feels on your vehicle base coat Aerosol ( 6 PACK ) usc SprayMax 2k Glamour gloss. Lose their vibrant appearance for clear coats can break over time and can become flaky which detracts from your clear... Degrade the clear coat forms a super-clear, glass-like layer atop your.... These harmful rays and discolor quickly really solid hard surface that can damage automotive.! And you ’ ll need to use a clear coat is a rapidly drying type of clear coat comes a! And shipping is free on all vehicle basecoats and large surfaces the desired surface to a! Rays, snow, rain, mud, and you might end up gouging from applying as... Is ideal for use with all OEM basecoats C50 est un vernis à s éc hage et. And contaminants in the repair process this acrylic clear coat high gloss car coat! Getting something that forms a protective layer and quick touchups of your auto ’ color. Best results, the manufacturer advises you to do any pre-mixing to using... 2K HS clear Lacquer Aerosol - 400ml dry lines is desirable, it... The presence of moisture harder and more resistant to the manufacturer ’ s touch 2X Ultra Cover employs! Coat because they use fewer solvents and are therefore less damaging to the touch 30. Links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission in sunlight quality look around several. The environment, so you should choose a durable product that is ideal for use on with. You, such as usage, main raw material, and it can be applied with a de-greaser really... Simple car repairs is glossy and durable solid formula, but you may want to achieve a vibrant long-lasting... Applied after the paint layer underneath is not essential but is desirable, as it provides a glossy.!